Credit Repair & Restoration

We are a group of professionals dedicated to helping individuals, families and small businesses understand, repair and improve their credit standing with the credit reporting agencies.

Today, credit is an essential part of everyday life for both individuals and businesses.  It affects the costs of necessary items that we all must purchase and our ability to function competitively in the workplace.


“What can Active remove from your credit reports?”

● Tax Liens

● Collections

● Civil Claims

● Judgments

● Bankruptcies

● Repossessions

● Charge Offs

● Foreclosures

● Lost/Stolen Cards

These are just some of the basics.  If it’s on your report and if it’s negative, it can be removed!

The process is completely legal and safe.  We offer a free credit analysis to all clients before any contract is signed or any work has begun.

Active Working Credit is a pay-as-you-go service.  We do not accept payment for any work that has not been completed, as required by the Federal Trade Commission.  There is also a money-back-guarantee included in our contracts.

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